Author: Maria Theresa


My Top Picks

MAKE UP PRODUCT: IQ Natural Mineral Make Up PRICE: $34.95 This a 12 Set Make Up Kit, which I believe the cheapest way to buy in set than individual. You can Choose color according to your skin tone. If you love to use powder product this is what your looking for. I love to … Read More


Beauty Corner – A few short Tips for your Natural Beauty

About Beauty Introduction:   Beauty is not only Physical it is also counted out your Personality and nature as well. Corner is like a line that meets in the middle or let says its like an intersection of thoughts. Natural Beauty We call it natural because of non chemical substance that been use in our … Read More


About Mathessa

Hello Welcome to Beauty Corner, I created this website because I want to share my thoughts and how to take care of our self. Health is one of them Grooming is what I want to focus. Yes your Healthy but did you take a shower, did you take care of your dry hair? We sometimes … Read More