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Natural Beauty

We call it natural because of non chemical substance that been use in our skin or hair. We are born with this gifted beauty, so its up to us on how we maintained it.

Have you heard this quotes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I always hear this but of course that time I dont know what that mean. But now I know but for me being beautiful outside is nothing if your not beautiful inside, kind hearted is a plus.

On this website I have a few tips on how we take care of our hair, skin, hands, etc. I know that we can search it now and get a lot of information or answer to all our question. I write it base on my personal experience since I have two Teenagers and Pre-Teens.

For our face care

  • Once in a while if I don’t use make up, I just wash it with water. But we can use natural facial wash.
  • Avoid using fragrances that will irritate your skin.
  • You can make your own natural facial wash like using honey and lemon
  • Also make your own facial mash for more refreshing, they say oatmeal is good to use.

If you have Pimples, Lets talk about it

I was thinking what cause this pimples?

  • Pimples not only affect face but also your back, chest and shoulders.
  • According to my research Sebaceous glands are microscopic exocrine glands in the skin that secrete an oily or waxy matter. So when these glands became more active substance can collect debris, bacteria and dead skin cells clog the pores. And it begins, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples.
  • Some people like to pop it. We can’t help it right. I have pimples to and I pop it, and I realize it became infected and it doesn’t look good. So I used Q-tips to pop it and I cleans it well and I put a little bit of ointment to avoid swollen or get infected.

So here are some tips for your acne, pimples, blackhead or white head.

  • Wash your face at least twice a day
  • Dont popped it with your finger nails, used Q-tips to avoid infection
  • If you popped it cleans it and put ointment on the popped area
  • Leave it alone, stop touching it

Pimples on your back -I just learn about this, I did not know that the pimples on your back is called Bacne. Did you ever think what is called until now.

  •  this is worse than your pimples in your face, because you see it all the time and its temping to pop it, on your back its painful most of the time
  • think of any cause of back acne one of them your skin mighty be oily, hormones change maybe your hair follicles might block the pores of your skin that cause pimple
  • if you drink less water everyday, you need to think of drinking more because water helps your skin moisturize.

Have you experience getting pimples on your behind?  We can`t deny it, we get it once in a while basically, but do you wonder why? Its to painful, they called this pimple Folliculitis.  its all about hair follicles. We have hair all over our body so if the hair follicles got blocked, the hair didn’t get out on time or properly, it builds bacteria one of the cause of pimples.


Each year we deal with our dry skin, every time the weather change our skin change too. I dont like the cold weather because my skin became super dry, rough when you touch it. I apply lotion both of my hands and wear a gloves over night but am not comfortable wrapping my hand every night. But I need to do it to keep it more moisture the next day. I work in a food industry, I was my hands all the time. And hands are super rough, super dry and my arms hurts. Even I apply dryness lotion it doesnt help because of hand washing frequently. But after a days work, my hands feels like a sand paper, so I make sure to moisturized my hands and arms because I dont want to deal with it the next day. But if you think your hands and arms dryness are getting worse please seek medical care.


How Sleep affects our skin

Every one know what Sleep means. Sleep is the only way we relax our whole body, to boost our energy, relax our mind, this is how we restore our power. Like your Cellphone you use it all day, and its start to show the sign of low battery and we need to plug it in to charge it. Same as Human Being we need enough sleep, to have enough energy for the day.

Also sleeping makes a natural moisturizer our skin looks younger and smooth but if your not getting enough sleep your moisture level is affected, like your skin is dehydrated. And you are going to wonder why you have dry skin, you look old and you think you look different. You only need to rest, sleep and it helps you to have a young glowing skin.

How to take care of your skin

  1. Eat healthy foods
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Enough sleep
  4. Good Hygiene
  5. Drink a lot of water
  6. Protect your self from the sun
  7. Manage Stress

Lets talk a few Vitamins we should be giving our Skin

  1. VITAMIN A – antioxidant can be found in foods like: sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli, kale, spinach carrots and egg yolks. Some of us dont really need supplement if your eating all this Healthy foods. But if you dont eat Healthy Foods, you need Vitamin A supplement which help protect our skin, vision and reproductive system.
  2. VITAMIN C – can be found in citrus fruits (grapefruits, oranges), strawberries, pineapple, mango, kiwi, bell peppers and tomatoes. Vitamin C is important to our skin because its helps create/build Collagen, it is the connective tissue that keeps our skin firm. Collagen it is the Protein in our body. Vitamin C for your overall health needs, also protects our skin from harmful UV rays.
  3. VITAMIN E – food that are rich in this vitamins are nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, spinach, avocado, chard, mango, apricots. Vitamin E oil use for skin care products, also promote eye health.
  4. VITAMIN D – They called this sunshine vitamin, because our skin can synthesize Vitamin D from sunlight. You can get enough Vitamin D in fortified products, most milk and breakfast cereals. Natural sources are: mushrooms, fish, beef liver, eggs and cheese. Also we need to absorb enough Vitamin D to main healthy bones and teeth.
  5. VITAMIN K –  Essential for healing wounds and bruises.  Refers to fat soluble vitamins that help your blood from clotting. We need Vitamin K  for our system their is a certain protein that our blood needs. The skin  benefits of Vitamin K is deal with the problem in your blood circulation, that cause  dark circles, spider veins and stretch marks. Foods contains with this Vitamin are: cabbage, liver, kale, milk, swiss chards, mustard greens and broccoli.
  6. VITAMIN B3 – Known as Niacin, important nutrient for our body needs. Can be found in this foods: tuna, turkey, salmon, artichoke, chicken breast meat, pork, ground beef, guava, avocado, bananas, asparagus, potatoes etc. This vitamin prevent from water loss and keep skin moisture. Keep skin texture smooth and reduce wrinkles.
  7. VITAMIN B5 – Keep skin soft, smooth and healthy.  This Vitamin also know as Pantothenic acid it is an essential nutrient. Commonly found in skin care like Lotion, Cream, Serum and Ointments. Food Sources: meat, fish, dairy, grains and legumes.
  8. CHOLINE – Is most important vitamin needed to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for our normal  brain function, mood, muscle control,  and nervous system functions. Food Sources: eggs, liver, peanuts, pasta, spinach, beets, wheat and shellfish.
  9. FOLIC ACID – Play important role in skin health, given to pregnant women or planning to get pregnant. It helps the body build Healthy New  Cells. Foods that are high in folate or folic acid: citrus fruits, legumes, eggs, leafy greens, beets, asparagus and broccoli.


Don`t do this to your skin

  1. Dont smoke – Smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles.
  2. Avoid drugs – Makes your skin dry as per research drugs affect skin in different ways
  3. Stay out in the sun – the sun have UltraViolet Radiation (UV) that cause cancer
  4. Poor skin hygiene can cause skin irritation, dryness, unpleasant smell and infection

How to take care of our Hair

We already talk about our skin now we talk about the Pretty Hair. We all have a lot of concern about our hair, we always wonder why my hair fall, why I have split ends, why my hair breaks, why I have dandruff. We have a lot of concern, so I am going to tackle all this question

Why My Hair Fallthey call it Hair Loss this is a woman thing (most of the time). Hormone change can cause hair loss, Pregnancy, childbirth, birth control and Medical conditions can cause hair loss.

Just few Basic Tips to Avoid Minor Hair Loss:

  • Use Mild shampoo
  • Avoid using high-heat hair tools
  • Use a soft brush with natural fiber
  • Avoid hairstyle that pull your hair
  • Avoid using chemical or bleach your hair often
  • Massage your Scalp

Why I have Split Ends – we often combing our hair, every day, every minute, every second but guess what according to my research excessive combing wet hair leads to stretching and consequently break. Also, combing it dry lead to formation of split ends, it damages the cuticle layer of your hair.

These are the Causes why we have Split Ends:

  • Too much exposure to Sun Light, dust and pollution
  • We wash our hair too much, it wash off the oil of our hair
  • Washing hair with Hot Water
  • Use of hair styling Products like straighteners, curlers and chemical products like hair coloring, perming, dry shampoo
  • Exposure to hard water like swimming pools had chlorine will damage out hair instantly

Few Basic Tips to Avoid Split Ends:

  • Oil your Hair before washing them
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner
  • Minimize using high-heat hair tools
  • Used a wide tooth comb
  • Get a trim if needed
  • Get gentle and love your hair


Why I Have Dandruff ? – I know dandruff is just dry skin or if you take hot shower. I research about the different cause of dandruff, and I didn’t know that eczema can be in the head too. The causes of dandruff are also sensitivity to hair products, anxiety can be one of the cause. The oil from our scalp can cause the skin cell to clump, that’s the white flakes. There are also medical condition that affects people scalp.

So have just a Few Basic Tips to Avoid Minor Dandruff Problem:

  • We can choose a dandruff control shampoo
  • We can also use home remedy to treat our dandruff
  • Also Coconut oil can help too, it moisturized our scalp

This is probably not new to you, some people maybe using it:

Apple Cider Vinegar is good for Dandruff and hair loss.

  • for regular spray bottle half water and half Apple Cider Vinegar

How our Body is the Main Source of our Beauty

We are born in different ethnicity, different skin tone, different hair color and hair types. It is our responsibility to take care of our self, to enhance our Natural Beauty. We all know we love our self, we want to always look young, healthy, strong and always active. To be able to be what we want, we need to eat healthy, exercise daily, get enough sleep, drink your Vitamins. We maintain a healthy life we enhance our natural beauty.


NAILS it is not what the carpenter to use to connect two woods or hang a picture to the wall. Nails is also a part of our body we take care of our nails, especially the Ladies. Well everyone take care of it, just in different way.

For our hands and nail tips, we both need to take care of it so I have a few tips here:

  • wash your hand regularly, clean under nails if you have long nails. Bacteria grow under net your nails if you dont clean it.
  • use hand and nails moisturizer to avoid dryness of your hands, rub lotion around you fingers thru cuticles and nails
  • to clean your nails dont used harsh nail polish

For our Feet and Toes, We all wear close shoes all the times like sneakers, flats, boots etc, at work or school. But we all need to know that even we wear close toe shoes we still need to wash it. Keep our Feet Clean and Moisturize. Most of all we need to relax it, because we use it everyday.

  • Keep our feet clean by washing them with Mild soap, clean in between your toes
  • Wipe them dry
  • cut your nails if you have too
  • Rub Moisturizer to soften them


Do you have dry feet? I do! but I wear socks every single day, I notice my feet dryness is went I take off my socks, flaky and the bottom is super rough. At night time I apply foot Balm and on day time I used regular dryness lotion. You can used any dryness lotion you like. But make sure no harsh chemical.

So I always have problems with my feet, every winter time its always  dry out and its to rough. I always dont have time to soak my feet, its hard for me but  I give time because it bothers me.

This is what I do :

  •  soak feet for 20 mins in lukewarm water – you can add epson salt if you want
  •  I rub my feet with foot exfoliating gel with organic lavender, all natural ingredients. I only use this twice a week
  •  Then I  apply foot balm with lavender  daily

This is my once a week routine. But you can do this at least twice a week if you want, special if your feet are super dry.









26 thoughts on “Beauty Corner – A few short Tips for your Natural Beauty

  1. This is such an inspiring article on natural skin and hair care.
    Like you were speaking to me as I am guilty of popping my pimples and not allowing my face to rest as well. From now on, will try to follow your tip of using a Q-tip to prevent infection.
    Also, the split ends tips seems to be amazing as well. I never knew to apply oil to my hair before washing could be that effective. That’s another thing to look out for in my hair care as well.

    Great post I must say! Keep up the good work.

  2. I enjoyed your article as I love using natural products. I am not much of a makeup user as my skin tends to get oily and I typically just use water on my face. That being said I will put a bit of lipstick on.
    I do use natural hair products though. I have really curly hair and it is hard to tame. There are days when it gets real frizzy.
    Have you come across any products you like for frizzy, curly hair?
    Thanks for sharing your tips for natural beauty. Lots of great information!

  3. Oh Thank you, I have sensitive skin too, I can`t use certain soap, face cream, eyeliner etc. I need to buy Mild or Natural Cosmetic. You Have Oily Skin did you try to use Oatmeal, Honey, Egg Whites or Lemon Juice. These are some Home remedies to Treat Oily Skin. I have Frizzy Curly Hair too, so nice and soft when its wet but if dry`s out its hard to comb. So I use eva-nyc 10-in-1 Primer. It untangle your hair, give a little bit shine. if you use hair blower or flat iron this is heat protectant too. And Choose a shampoo and Conditioner Sulfate-Free.

    This is all my Personal Recommendation base on my personal experience.

    Thank you for Visiting My Website

  4. Hey Really useful article. I’ve never thought of sleep as a natural moisturiser, but agree it’s very important. Totally agree on the stress side of things as well. Really important to take care of our selves and if we don’t it will show in our skin.

  5. Maria, enjoyed reading your article on the things to do to keep our bodies healthy and looking good. Picked up some great tips! Lack of sleep can cause so many different health issues, and is just as important to get ample sleep as eating nutritious fresh foods. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Maria,

    This article came just in time!

    My son is always popping his pimples and after that, it becomes even worth. I need to show him this article so he can understand what he does to his skin. I hope he will take this seriously:) 

    You mentioned in the article not to expose our skin to the sun. I’ve read somewhere that 30 minutes per day in the sun is fantastic because of the vitamin D. Is that correct?

    Also, what do you think about pure Aloe Verra for the skin? Does it work?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Thank you for your comment, hopefully your son will understand the important of skin care. My son do the same. He know now how to take care of his skin (basically). 

      30 mins a day out in the sun is correct but there is certain time we need to be in the sun. I prefer early morning sun till like 11am, the smell of fresh morning air, the warm sunlight and fresh coffee. 

      Aloe Vera is rich in antioxidants and minerals which is good to our skin. it is also ideal to use if you have sunburned or very irritated skin, it will cooled it down.

  7. Thanks for the great explanation on skin care. My wife loves taking care of herself, and also does not wear too much makeup. These tips will be great for her. I like that you also include hair care, and nail care, etc. This guide seems to be pretty all inclusive and great.



    1. Love to share a few tips and all natural remedy.

      And am glad you like it and share it with your wife.

      Thank you so much for the Comment, your the best

  8. Beer??? Never even heard of that before! It sounds like my kind of hair care!

    But seriously, I have heard before that honey can be really great for your hair and skin.  Never heard egg yolk before.  

    I’d be a little worried about salmonella poisoning! But I suppose if you don’t ingest it or get it in your eyes you would be okay lol.

    What about teatree oil? I love using teatree oil in my hair shampoo. It’s cheap to buy pure oil, and you can add it to any shampoo and it feels amazing.

    Men do also have to worry about thinning hair or hail loss, and I think it’s often related to stress, poor hygiene, and poor nutrition (also genetics for both men and women).

    Great article with tons of information! Thank you! 

    1. Lol, Beer is useful beside drinking them.

      Yes we use Honey for everything, very useful.

      Eggs I used the egg whites for my face as a Mask, but make sure don`t eat raw. But hey some people eat raw eggs they drink it or mix it with their protein shake or smoothies. But dont want to recommend any raw egg for eating. For Hair and face is ok but make sure to rinse afterwards.

      Tea tree Oil is an essential oil and it can also use to treat ace, insect bites etc. 

      And thank you for your comment your Awesome 🙂

  9. Wow some great tips here. Some of them I remember using when I was younger, but had in the mean time forgotten about them.  This article bought back memories  

    The two I remember most were using beer to rinse your hair and using honey as a facial cleanser. I also used to use honey as a mask. 

    I never realized that egg yolk was so good for the hair and split ends, so I will definitely be giving this one a go. 

    1. Lol, try to use all natural Ingredients. 

      Honey is very useful.

      Egg is ok, it just have a little smell but its helpful too. But I dont blame you, if you let egg (it) go 🙂

      Thank you for your comment

  10. I love taking care of my skin. I grew up in the culture that healthy skin is everything, more important than wearing a make up.

    What’s the measure for your own natural face wash? Equal parts? I read it somewhere that you might want to use very little lemon because of its acidity that can damage your skin, but I think for face wash is totally fine. Do not do mask with lemon juice, you might get chemical burns if you leave it too long. 

    I also use sunscreen religiously like you suggested in the article. I use about 30 SPF, heard it somewhere that the higher SPF is only for a very sunny day use but not for everyday use. If you use too high SPF (50 and up), your skin will get too weak and solely rely on the sunscreen which is not good. 

    Thank you for the hair remedy, I have coconut oil at home, I will give it a try. I also use coconut oil on my body as well, I love the smell. 

    Thanks again for all the tips 🙂

    1. I use shea black soap because its mild, it doesnt feel tight after wash.

      If you are going to use lemon to your face, use a small slice and add honey. And dont use it everyday. Lemon Juice have a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin. Wash off after 20 or 30 mins. 

      And you are right about the sunscreen, the 30 SPF or below is the regular SPF we use. If you are somewhere where the sun is always shining the 50 SPF and up is recommended if you are going outdoor all the time. I make my son carry some sunscreen spray when he went camping plus a bug spray.

      I use coconut oil too, from head to toes, helps my dry scalp and skin.

      Thank you for your Lovely Comment, your Awesome 🙂

  11. Hi  Mathessa

    I just finished reading your post, BEAUTY CORNER – A FEW SHORT TIPS FOR YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY and I’m feeling beautiful already ha ha.

    But seriously it was a good post, and you didn’t just talk you showed people what to do.

    I know the part about washing your hair in beer will have all the beer guzzlers in an uproar ha ha.

    You know I just started putting coconut oil on my head it really does control dandruff.

    Thanks for all the great tips M.

    Question: Why don’t you have a picture of yourself? We promise not to fall in love ha ha.

    All the best


    1. Am glad you like my post.

      This makes my Brain Bleed, lol. I have to work hard and think and add my personal experience to make it very helpful to others. And am glad you like it and its relate to your personal experience.

      Answer to your question:

      My picture is in the Front Page with my name on the bottom.

      But am planning to post some of my nice picture Soon!

      Thank you very much for your Comment..

  12. Hi Theresa, I am researching about facial and hair care for both men and women. This article is quite interesting because it gives me some new insight about personal care. I would like to ask one question about hair care. How often should we use shampoo per week? I’ve read many sources, but there are too many different answers and it made me confused. I think it may do with the hair type (oily, dry, etc). Also, are men and women should have different shampooing frequency? Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. For washing hair with shampoo the best recommendation is two or three times a week. If you prepare to use conditioner its better, makes your hair soft and smells good. And you are right it is by hair type. And there are different theory about Men and Women frequent use of Shampoo.

      Basically our hair catch all the dirt every time we go outside house, and gets dry or oily more often. Women wash there hair frequently than Men. Women Routine are different from Men.

      I hope I answer your question.

      Thank you for your Comment

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