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My Home Remedy page is base on personal experience, all the ingredients you need can be found in your kitchen.

Note: If you think your illness or problem are worse than you thought consult a physician.

Few Natural Remedy for your Split Ends

1. Egg Yolk                                                                                                                    

  •  Did you know egg is one of the most effective remedy for split ends
  • Use egg as hair mask
  • Egg help cure your frizzy hair and give them heathier shine
  • Egg also work as a moisturizer and conditioner


How to Apply

  • Mixed egg yolk with other helpful ingredients, use one egg yolk with 2tbsp olive oil, almond oil and honey.
  • Apply to hair, keep it for about 30 mins. Wash with lukewarm water.


2. Beer                                                                                                                        

  • You already hear this before, I just dont like the smell of beer but there is always a good use of it beside drinking it. It has sugar and protein to help your damaged hair, adding volume to your hair as well

How to Apply

  • Wash your hair first, use shampoo to clean it well.
  • Then wash it with beer but need to leave it up to 3mins for best result.
  • Then rinse it off. You can do this method twice a week.

3.  Chamomile

  • Good for dry and frizzy hair                                                                                        
  • Helps prevent your hair from split ends and keeps your hair and scalp clean


How to Apply

  • You need 2 bags of Chamomile Tea soak it in a hot water.
  • Let it cool before applying it to your hair.
  • Use Chamomile oil too.


4.  Coconut Oil

  • This been use for ages, my grandma and mom use this to their hair and body.
  • They usually make home made coconut oil. You can`t imagine I smell this everyday.
  • But this moisturize you hair and scalp, you can use it everyday or once or twice a week.    

How to Apply

  • Pour oil in you palm, then massage it to you scalp all to your hair.
  • You can rinse it after 2hrs. Or you can apply this overnight and rinse it in the morning.
  • Dont apply too much oil just enough to moisturize your hair and scalp.



Do you have nails that break all the time? I can`t grow my nails an inch long it breaks. This is a simple things you need to do.

  • You need Garlic, one gloves, feel it, then poke it with you nails, the juice of the garlic will go to your nail, leave it for 10 mins. Do this 3 times a day twice a week. Until it grows healthy and strong. Then do it once a day every week.
  •  Coconut Oil, wet cotton balls with coconut oil and massage it to your nails, leave it overnight. Do this every night.
  •   Toothpaste, make sure you dont wear any nail color, nails are clean, put small amount, brush it gentle to your nail, leave it for 10 mins then rinse.
  •  Olive Oil, soak your nails for 20 mins once a week.


  • On Winter Time, our Lips become dry, super dry indeed. It hurts so bad, right. What do you usually do, to treat it? I usually use Lip Balm and then at night I put Vaseline. You need to use it frequently, because its always dry it out and make it crack and it hurts.
  • You can also use Petroleum Jelly, Chap stick (any with moisturizer) or Aloe.
  • Avoid getting your lips wet with your saliva it will worsen the dryness of your lips. I try to wet my lips thinking it will help the dryness but am wrong.
  • On Summer Time, same thing but you need to use sunblock (a lip product with lip balm)
  • If it get worse and cant treat at home you need to see a doctor to prevent infections.


  •  Does your ear dry and flaky? Maybe because of our climates changes sometimes its super hot and its super cold or sometimes its even. It is one part of our body that we dont really sees and pay attention to much to it. But we always used it every minute, everyday. So we also need to clean it, moisture it like the rest of our body parts.
  •  Always remember it is also sensitive, we can`t wash our ear but we can wipe it with wet towels and clean it properly.
  •  For flaky ears you can use Vaseline, put in around the dry area. Coconut oil also can help for dryness.
  • If the dryness of your ears can`t treat by any of this, need to see your doctor.

Basic Remedy from Spice or Herbs

This basic remedy are for minor disorder that is very easy to heal or cure. If you think your illness is worse, dont wait! see a specialist.  All I know that we use daily in our life can use to cure small disorder or illness we are dealing with. And just want to share it here, and for additional knowledge to add I research more of it. Enjoy reading hope it help.

  1. GINGER – is a plant with thick roots that use to spice food. Also use as a herb. It has very strong aroma and peppery taste.


  • * Rejuvenates skin – you can eat it raw its good for you, also you can apply it direct to your skin. if you prepare to use it fresh, use a little bit of it. But also you can used powdered ginger, add honey and lemon juice. Leave it on for up to 30 minutes, and rinse. You can do it once a week. Make sure your not allergic to ginger.
  •  * Acne Treatment – you can apply directly to your acne, use a small amount of fresh ginger juice leave for 5 mins then rinse with cold water tap dry with clean towel.

* Ginger Tea – if you have soar throat and upset stomach (cramps, gas, diarrhea) this hot ginger tea you                                                                                          might want to try to feel better. Boil fresh ginger, make ginger tea and add honey.

                                                                                  * Also effective to morning sickness.

                                                                                  * Can also treat bad breath, it can be eaten fresh. it has anti-microbial properties that kills bacteria.                                                                                                 Ginger extract and fresh ginger the best to treat bad breath, toothaches and gingivitis. Remember don`t                                                                                     consume more than 4grm of ginger in any given day. Talk to your Doctor before using ginger.

2.  GARLIC – can be used more like spice or herb. The most useful herb in the whole world. Added to dishes in a small amount because of its strong taste. The most powerful agents against bacteria. Direct contact to skin can cause irritation or burns. It is also a potential source of germanium, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A, B and C. Do not use Garlic if your allergic to it.


  • * Acne Treatment – using garlic for your acne, cut a glove to extract the juice rub it gently. I dont recommend to stay it over night because garlic is to strong it with burn your skin, let it set for at least 30 mins. Then rinse. you can repeat the process every other day until its gone. Just be careful using garlic in your face.

* Pimple Treatment – same process on how you treat your acne, but if you have a lot of pimple. I                                                                                                     recommend to use the garlic juice and gently rub it in your pimple. Leave it for 15 mins if you have a lot.                                                                                     Rinse and tap dry. NOTE: Garlic is very strong be careful using it.

                                       * Garlic also have a lot of uses several conditions linked to blood system and heart.

                                                                                 * Dandruff Treatment – Raw minced garlic, mix with honey good for dandruff. Leave for 30mins. And                                                                                              then rinse.

3. TURMERIC – is a spice that comes from Turmeric plant. Commonly used in Asian Food. It has a bitter taste and used to color curry powder, mustard, butters and cheese and uses to flavor food. Has Anti-inflammatory properties.


* Fight off acne because it has antiseptic. Try Turmeric face mask for clear face.

* Protects from sun damage. I dont know this will help out for sun damage, might be a capsule to drink.

* Helps reduces dark circle. This one use turmeric powder add lemon juice, leave for 15mins and rinse.

* Helps reduce stretch mark. Turmeric has active Curcumin ingredients that helps treat stretch mark. Add coconut oil use twice a day.

NOTE: Make sure you are not allergic to Turmeric.

4. CHAMOMILE – I never though this is herbs, I see this when I was younger in our back yard. Thinking this is just part of the grass that grown anywhere. And this is under herbs, it has very cute tiny flowers with yellow in the middle and white blossoms around it. The finish product of this  can be found  in the Tea area,  Chamomile Tea which I didn’t try yet and most of my friend told me it helps get better sleeps.


* If you need a beauty sleep, Chamomile Tea is the answer I don`t think it  cause any side effect. But I want to make sure so I look it up and it has a Side Effect if you consume large amounts, it cause drowsiness, vomiting, eye irritation, skin irritation and hypersensitivity reaction. And few people are allergic to Chamomile. Check first before consuming.

* Help your skin if you have redness and blemish. Mix 1 teaspoon of Chamomile Tea and 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil. Apply it in your clean face leave for 10 mins. Rinse with cold water. Try to do this once or twice a week.


5. ROSEMARY – I love the aroma of Fresh Rosemary very mild. It is a woody herb, with pointed or needle like leaves. Help to boost your immune system and improve blood circulation. The essential oil  can help protect your skin from the sun damaged and can also moisture hair and scalp.

* Rosemary Oil can be use for thinning hair. Also helps rejuvenate your skin.

* Rosemary Oil also helps whiten black spot and blemishes in your skin.

  • * While the extract helps reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin.

* I love Rosemary for seasoning I didn’t know it has a range of health and beauty benefits. But be aware that even it helps us there is also side effects if you consume large amount of Rosemary. Always check before you use.


6. THYME – this herb is ideal for poultry seasoning, I use this for my oven bake chicken, yum 🙂 If you search Thyme, back in the day they use this as       a traditional medicine. I think most of the Herb and spice we use in our Kitchen have a  benefits to cure simple illness. But because we dont            really pay attention to the details and doesnt want to do it, or too busy we go see our Primary Doctors, which is ok  because not all of us can tolerate herbal remedies.

* Do you think it is a good news to does who have bad breath that Thyme will reduce their smelly breath.

* Thyme essential oil can help hair growth

* It is a source of Vitamin C, Cooper, Iron fiber and Manganese. Manganese is mineral that needed for the normal              brain function.

* Thyme oil will help reduce Can.

* Thyme tea benefits are stimulate memories, ease headaches, tension muscles, fights infections, soothe cough and            relieve fevers. Same as all Herbs and spice too much use have a side effects. Always check before use.



67 thoughts on “Home Remedies

  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I must admit I was a bit surprised to see beer on the list. Most times we focus on the dangers and negative impact of alcohol on our body system. Thank you for the well simplified steps and the items needed. It is really helpful

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  This is very infomative, and not only are these ways natural, they are cheap and easy to do!  I really like the beer one, and it’s one I had never heard of before!  I always have beer at home.  Do you think it matters whether it’s dark or light beer?

    1. I believe you can use either light or dark. But this is what I know if you want to use beer for hair growth use dark beer, banana, egg yolk and honey.

      Thank you for your comment

  3. Hello Mathessa, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard for some of these remedies but honestly, I did not know about an egg that it can be such helpful. It will definitely help my wife with her hair as she is often greasy which is annoying to my wife, I will definitely recommend her to read this.

  4. Thanks for this post on remedy for my split ends, i really have a problem with my hair sometimes ago the hair is very hard and not soft and also it changes colour , but with this post am seeing with how to make the remedy with some free natural items i think it will really help in fixing it thanks so much 

    1. I have split ends as well, and I dont even know why and how to fix it..

      I cut my hair, for real because I get tired of it. Beside that I have curly, frizzy hair and am hopeless to fix it. But guess what, dont loss hope, my grandma said the solution is in the kitchen.

      Thank you for your comment

  5. Home remedies are the best ways I have found to fix some complications and issues we might be going through; I particularly am excited because it is very affordable and proven to be effective too. Thank you for sharing these natural remedies for split ends. I have access to three of these remedies except number 3. I never really knew that eggs and beer is useful home remedy for split ends. Now I know.

    Best Regards!

  6. Thanks a lot for these tips! I have hair that is damaged and I will try some of the home remedies you mentioned. I’ve tried some more expensive preparations already, but when it reaches a certain length, the ends start to crack. Now I’m going to try the recipes used by our moms and grandmas 🙂

  7. Hvae to admit that one of my sure fire ways of avoiding split ends has been to keep my hair extremely short. That’s a bit of a cheat though, I suppose. I have in the past had my hair long, almost down to my waist, at times. Regular daily shampooing and conditioning helped but did not alleviate split ends. 

    If I ever grow my hair long again I’m not sure I could use either the egg or beer solutions, good though I am sure they would be. Egg has a huge amount of protein in, as does beer. The idea that I wouldn’t be able to get the smell of them out of my hair is a put off though. 

    I have used conditioners with both chamomile and coconut extract in and would say that out of the two, I would lean toward the coconut. I do like the smell. I am all for lengthy treatments, so would have no issue with applying and leaving for a number of hours. Using you method would certainly work out cheaper as well. Great advice and useful to know.

    1. I have issue with smell too, my mom used to put coconut oil on my hair. Its good makes your hair healthy and shiny but I just dont like the smell. Same with eggs, and beers etc. they have a component give more nutrient to our hair. I love your comment, thanks for sharing your thoughts 

  8. These are some great remedies you have recommended here. I have tried the egg in my hair, as my hair gets really frizzy in the summer hot months. I do not like the smell of beer either, but my daughter has used the remedy to treat her hair. I would suggest trying these remedies, as the egg remedy works wonders. 

    1. in home remedy we can try one thing if doesnt work we can use different remedy. Frizzy hair needs to be moisturized after treatment so it will come out healthy and shiny. Thank you for your comment

  9. Thank you for this listing of remedies that we can find right in our kitchen. I have heard of some of them but did not know exactly how to use them. Coconut oil and turmeric and garlic seem to be a lot of the medicine I need for my hair and skin, based on the uses explained here. I have only been cooking eggs for breakfast but I know now that I can use them for so many other things rather than purchase the expensive creams and other products. Thank you for the enlightenment.

    1. True we have it all in our kitchen. Just need to know how to use them and we dont need to buy all those harsh chemical. Thank you very much I appreciate it.

  10. Wow, Indeed knowledge is power never knew anything good could come out of beer as it has really been a source of many troubles to menay people I know…..I would try it out and see….for the eggs I have heard about this countless time although I haven’t tried it but after reading this article I am now convinced that it works so I would give it a thumbs up…thanks for sharing this awesome article.

  11. This is the perfect article with plenty of beauty treatments for this time when many beauticians and hairdressers are closed. I have used a number of the ingredients that you have mentioned but not necessarily in the ways that you have spoken about. I love Ginger so this remedy for rejuvenating the skin is of real interest for me. Have you heard of nettles to help the hair? Or would you use for something else.

    So much information

    1. Nettle is ok but same as other if too much to consume it has side effects. I love Ginger too. Thanks for your comments I appreciate it.

  12. Thanks for all of the great advice! I’m always looking for new natural remedies for my hair and skin needs. I don’t personally see how adding chemicals to myself is going to make anything better, so natural is always the way to go!

    My current issue is split ends. I’m unable to get a haircut right now and want to grow my hair out anyways, but the hair has other ideas! I’ve used honey as a conditioner and mild hair lightener in the past with great success, but I’d never used it to fix my split ends! Great idea. I plan to use the egg yolk, almond and olive oil, and honey mask tonight.

    1. Yeah splits ends is to complicated to deal with. But simple home remedies will help it out. Anyway thank you for your lovely comment..

  13. Hi! I have been learning about home remedies. But your post is packed with information. I specially liked what you mentioned concerning ginger and garlic. I have both in my home right now so I’ll start applying them.

    There are several ways to use these herbs that I never had imagined. Live and learn. Thanks.

    1. thanks for liking my articles, am gladly love to share my knowledge, research and experience to everyone. And thanks for your comment.

  14. I love home remedy articles so I enjoyed reading this article. I appreciate the information you shared on hair and nail care. It is always great to be able to rectify things like split ends with the items that are already in my kitchen. Also, my favourite things to use in my food are turmeric and ginger; they have great health properties.

    1. Am glad I can share a few of my knowledge that I learn from my grandma 🙂

      thanks for your comment I appreciate it.

  15. I just love your article!  You are so right! Back then they were using natural herbs when you got sick. Now we go see doctors. I think nowadays a lot of people are starting to realize that we need to go back in time. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I just bookmarked your site.

  16. Thank you for sharing with us your tips&trics;! I am happy I found your page today, since there is no better day to pamper yourself than on Sunday in my opinion 😊 Believe it or not, I have never heard about using beer on hair. But I agree with you – smell is not tempting. Maybe I could do it, if I would then apply coconut oil on my hair too…

  17. Awesome article you have here! My girlfriend is always talking about her split ends, so I figure why not do some research and find the solution for her. I am a big advocate for fitness, health, and lifestyle, so I’m always looking to better me and my families health. I see that you genuinely care about others and are passionate in what you do. I appreciate that. I have to admit, I wasn’t just looking for my girlfriends hair. I was looking for myself too haha! I have gotten my hair permed several times and out of fear, I want to restore my hair to being healthy. I will be trying out a few of these. Thanks again for all the information, have a great day.


    1. Gladly to share my knowledge, research and experience to others. It might add more knowledges and get few ideas for the people who read my articles. And I appreciate sharing your thoughts about my page. Thank you very much

  18. Hi There,

    I never knew that eggs can make your hair shine better. I’m a man but some years ago I had really nice long hair and looked after it. I used to wash my hair with hot water shampoo it and then wash it off with cold water and that seemed to make my hair shine. I’m growing my hair again after the hairdressers closed down. I really like your website it gives some strange but effective ideas something that interests me as a great niche so well done.

  19. Thank you for a lovely post on many useful home remedies and tips to keep nails, hair and lips healthy. I get really bad dry and chapped lips in the winter myself so I know the struggle. I find it so hard not to lick my dry lips and then it gets worse and sometimes they even end up bleeding.. So now I always carry a stick with me to keep them covered at all times, it’s the only way I found to stay safe.

    1. Yap thats true, so hopefully you pick some remedy for your chapped lips.

      Thank you I appreciate your comment

  20. This are some of the best home made remedies i have ever come across. Do you think beer and eggs also help to maintain my beard well. I don’t drink and wonder how it would feel pouring beer j  my head lol that should be fun and i will try it some time. Ginger I really hate it but after hearing all these benefits it has i guess I have no option. Thanks this was very informative and helpful.

    1. Use egg whites for your beard it has Vitamin A and Vitamin B5 for get healthy Beard.

      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it.

  21. AWESOME write up, it is really amazing how all this can be a remedy even beer, just as you rightly said ,most people do not like the smell of beer, i dont like it at all, but i guess i have to use it anyway for the damaged hair, even the spices, i always knew that ginger and garlic is good for the body but i never knew that they are this good…Thanks for sharing this, it is really useful..

  22. Thanks for this very comprehensive guide to how we can use everyday food items in the kitchen for common ailments.  I was aware of some of these. But I did not know about all the uses of garlic applied to the skin. Surely garlic will leave a very strong odor especially if all you are doing after applying and leaving on for 15 minutes or so is rinsing off with water, you will have a very strong smelling face, maybe acne and pimple free I suppose. I drink Tumeric tea for its anti-inflammatory properties and I have to say I quite like it. Thanks again.

    1. I use garlic at night time only but the odor still strong 🙂

      I drink Turmeric too, I love it.

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it 🙂

  23. Honestly, I had no idea that so many of these ingredients could be used as home remedies. I have a lot of split ends. I am definitely going to try using eggs! My daughter raises laying hens, so I will have an ample supply of eggs!

    It amazes me that more people do not opt to use natural things instead of always buying expensive, store bought things that do more damage in the long run.

    Thank you for the great article and the many uses of natural products (except maybe the beer!) for  so many things that ail a person. I don’t have a problem with acne anymore, but my grandchildren do. Their mom loves using natural products, so this will be a real plus for her, too!

  24. Interesting to see here and I aam always the type that prefers the home remedies and natural remedies oto making use of supplements and other things. this is really great to see here and thanks o much for sharing here I really fancy this post here.  Well! If I can, I will adhere to your suggestions and make the best possible use of them. Thanks so much for sharing here

  25. I really want to first appreciate your effort because me also home remedy maker. I like very much nature is my passion. Good wrok very nice effort. I followed you my impressions you. This article give some ideas me thank you so so much and. If you can follow me comment me like me thanks for your articles god bless you

  26. because me also home remedy maker. I like very much nature is my passion. Good wrok very nice effort. I followed you my impressions you. This article give some ideas me thank you so so much and. If you can follow me comment me like me thanks for your articles god bless you

  27. I love and liked very much this site because me also home remedy maker. I like very much nature is my passion.home remedy is very good and most important things of people. Good wrok very nice effort. I followed you my impressions you. This article give some ideas me thank you so so much and. If you can follow me comment me like me thanks for your articles god bless you

  28. Great Article. I have gain so much on your site today. wait a second, I had no idea egg can be use as hair moisturizer and conditional. certainly my wife needs to visit your website. for its so rich. wowwwwww. What about babies can this work for them ? I will like to know if its possible 

    1. lol, No baby doesnt need it..they have self remedies. Or need to see a Pediatrician to be safe

      My remedies for adults and check first if you have any allergies before using any Home remedies to be safe 🙂

      Thank you for your comment

  29. I have really curly, dry and frizzy hair and I spent years using coconut oil and other coconut products to try and manage it, but sadly none of them worked. I had to chop my hair because it was only getting worse and it gave me way too many headaches. I’m currently using Shea butter as an alternative for coconut oil and I have to admit that it has been doing a good job for my hair. It has become softer and smoother ever since! Coconut oil is an amazing must-need product but it doesn’t always work with every type of hairstyle, so shea butter can be an alternative. Hope this helps. 

    1. I love shea butter, I also love coconut, some of them have strong coconuty smell. I use coconut oil from Costco its organic and mild for me. Thats good that you use different remedy. Thank you I appreciate it 🙂

  30. Your many tips for using what we have at home for helping our skin, hair and nails are very interesting.  Several I had heard of, just forgotten.  The beer rinse was popular for a while.  Once dry, did not smell, but when you got out in the humid hot weather, it did smell faintly.  The one that would be tough to do would be the garlic clove for nails.  However, would be a treatment that wouldn’t involve chemicals. Thanks again with the interesting topic.

    1. I know beer and garlic have very strong aroma, but there is also different home remedy options to use without strong smell. Thank you I appreciate your comment

  31. This is really a great informative post with very good information.  I love to explore natural products to use on a daily basis.  I remember my grandmother using eggs as a conditioner in her hair.  I didn’t understand it at the time but I can say her hair was really beautiful.  I also like the idea of using things that can be found in your kitchen.  Thanks for this great article that provides a wealth of information for those of us who are already using natural products as well as those who may be considering doing so.

  32. Hi there and thank you for your wonderful post about home remedies.  Many of these I have tried myself.  Honey, for instance, I used whenever I have a cough or sore throat.  Green tea with tumeric and cayanne is supposed to help detoxify the body.  Dark beer, specifically, stout, is a good source of iron.  Doctors used to prescribe a pint of stout for anemia.  One other thing, blanched almonds are a good antacid.  Almonds contain calcium.


  33. This was a nice article giving us some helpful tips using home remedies.  I use coconut oil quite a lot as it´s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Putting coconut oil in a natural yoghurt is something I take every day at breakfast and I have started to use it as a moisturizer on my face.  It works well and feels nice.  It also got rid of a red rash that I´ve been getting on my chest and back for years.  I was very surprised that it worked but it did. 

    I´m also a big fan of curcumin and use it with coconut oil, cinnamon and sea salt when I make porridge or baked beans.  I´d heard before that beer and eggs were good for the hair but I haven´t tried them yet.  I think all teas have properties that are good for us and my favourite is green tea. 

    The article had a lot of good information and was full of ideas that anyone can try out.  Herbs and spices are great when we use them in cooking and it´s amazing how many of them are useful as remedies for different ailments. 

    I always say we should remember that every pill and potion was born from a natural remedy, so we should read more articles like this one. 

    1. Did you try coconut oil in your coffee? Thanks for very nice words and experience you share. I appreciate it

  34. Wow, this is a very wonderful post about Home Remedies, and I am also confused that my nails are not very strong. The ingredients you need in the method you provide are very easy to find, such as garlic, coconut oil, toothpaste, etc., I will try according to the method you provided.
    thank you

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