What`s in your Face?

We  sometimes get hard time choosing our  make up.

Most of us are good in experimenting color. Eyeshadows there is a lot of colors to choose, you decide. This is how we learn to mix and match.

And now we need to choose the Base Foundation according to our skin type, we usually have oily skin, dry or just normal skin.

We choose next is our Foundation Shade, We need to choose the right color for our skin tone.

You need to test it to your skin to make sure you get the right one.

Pick what kind of Eyeliner you like.

Blush On. And finally your Lip color.

After along day, we wear make up all day. How do you remove it? I make sure to remove my make up because if not my whole face will itch.

     Few steps on how to remove your make up

  • I wash my face with gentle soap (shea black soap) I use this soap because its gentle it doesnt dry out my skin.
  • Dry it out gentle after washing it with towel.
  • If you use waterproof mascara, use coconut oil to remove it,  use cotton balls and rub it gentle.





















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    This was so helpful thank you Ms

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